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Oakville Dentist Oakville Dentist
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Dentist in Oakville
Oakville Dentist
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Dental Care for Teens in Oakville

  Oakville Dentist - Teens

Pre-Teen Dentistry

From Primary to Permanent Teeth

A child’s sense of self-control, self-importance and independence are growing at this age. They have the emotional ability to delay gratification and prioritize. They are able to meaningfully engage in activities such as household chores, team sports and close friendships. Children can now assume responsibility for their personal and oral hygiene.

This is the period of greatest change in dentition as all the primary teeth are typically lost and replaced with the permanent ones.

Teen Dentistry

Identity and control: Teens are able to think abstractly and their thoughts are both introspective and analytical. An intense and complicated sense of self identity can reflect in a deep self-consciousness. Peer relationships are central.

Our dental care and instruction at Trafalgar village Dental in Oakville respects this growing independence while supporting their sense of adequacy and competence. Our easy rapport allows us to continue to emphasize the importance of daily dental care to their health and self-esteem. Bite guards may be necessary for active teens to keep their smiles intact.

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