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Custom-Fitted Mouthguard in Oakville

oakville dentist - mouthguardProtect your smile, your teeth are priceless!

Protect your smile and help prevent dental and jaw joint trauma by wearing a professionally-made sports mouth guard while playing contact sports. At Oakville's Trafalgar Village Dental we encourage children, teens and adults involved in contact sports to wear a protective sports mouth guard.

Why do I need a custom sports mouthguard?

Did you know that your chance of sustaining a mouth injury while competing in a contact sport is 10% a season and 30-50% over your athletic career? The risk to your teeth is high, but only about 7% of people wear mouth protection while playing sports like soccer, baseball, basketball and karate. It is mandatory to wear a sports mouthguard while participating in sports like rugby and hockey.

Custom-fitted sports mouth guards made by the team at Trafalgar Village Dental can prevent costly and painful injuries to teeth as well as reduce the rate of concussion and jaw injuries. Off-the-rack, boil-and-bite models only provide low-level protection and can make speaking difficult. Custom-made sports mouthguards fitted at our dental office are safer, more effective and more comfortable than those bought over the counter.

How do I get accustom made sports mouthguard?

Simply call 905-339-0404 to arrange an appointment during one of our sports mouth guard clinics. The team at Trafalgar Village Dental in Oakville will let you know the next available appointment time.

What is the process?

One of our qualified dental professionals at Trafalgar Village Dental would be happy to take the necessary impression or mould of the teeth. The process only takes about 15 minutes. The sports mouth guard is then fabricated in our lab. We will email you once the sports mouth guard is ready to be picked up in approximately 2-3 weeks.

How Long does a sports mouthguard last?

We suggest a new sports mouth guard every season just like you need to replace the skates, or the soccer boots etc. In some cases, due to rapid growth and year round participation, people have required a new sports mouthguard in six months. You or your child will know when the fit is not as accurate as it was when first made. Most of the replacements are made due to the sports mouthguard being lost. That is why we supply you with a protective case and encourage you to find a safe place in the sports bag for you to store it. We have many amusing stories of how sports mouthguards have been lost, including the family dog consuming it for breakfast!!

How Do I Care for my sports mouthguard?

Since a sports mouthguard is in contact with saliva, it is necessary to clean it by gently brushing it. Some people like to soak their sports mouth guard in mouthwash overnight. Store it in the rigid container provided. Keep it away from heat, including direct sunlight.

For More Information:

Please feel free to give our dental practice in Oakville a call if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you. Don’t forget to get guarded - sports mouth guarded, that is! We are accepting new patients so please inform your friends, family and co-workers about the team at Trafalgar Village Dental.

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