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Dentist in Oakville Oakville Dentist
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Dentist in Oakville Oakville Dentist

Dr. Nitin Kapoor
Oakville Dentist - Dr. Nitin Kapoor

Dr. Nitin Kapoor has a life long passion for dentistry. After graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and a year of hospital residency, he pursued his D.D.S degree from the University of Toronto and graduated with honours. Following his graduation Dr. Kapoor spent some time as a pre-clinical instructor in the Endodontic department and a faculty member in the University of Toronto's Prosthodontic department. Continuing education within his chosen profession has been a hallmark of Dr. Kapoor's commitment to his patients. Dr. Kapoor believes it is imperative to strive to stay current with techniques and technology.

Patients often comment on his genuine, professional and caring attitude. "I believe in offering dental services with integrity, honesty, and fairness, I like to empower my patients with knowledge so that they can make well informed decisions." Dr. Kapoor says, "I value getting to know my patients, I genuinely care about them and I am committed to putting their individual needs as my top priority."

Using his extensive experience in family, cosmetic and implant dentistry, Dr. Kapoor opened his own dental practice, Trafalgar Village Dental, located in Oakville, Ontario. Dr. Kapoor explains, "from the professional staff to the state of the art equipment, we are committed to providing the finest dental care to patients." Dr. Kapoor with his dynamic staff fosters a family-friendly environment at Trafalgar Village Dental and always believes that helping his patients maintain healthy teeth and gums is the gateway to a beautiful smile.

Aside from dentistry, Dr. Kapoor travels the globe, watches sports, cooks, and spends time with his beautiful family - wife, Roopali, and two active daughters, Jeeya and Saleena.

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Dentist in Oakville Oakville Dentist Dentist in Oakville
Oakville Dentist Dentist in Oakville  
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