Tips to Help Your Child Build a Healthy Smile That Lasts a Lifetime

Four kids hanging out

As a parent, you’re likely doing everything you can to help your child grow up strong and healthy. But are you considering oral health as an important part of your child’s overall health and wellbeing?

Here are some strategies to help your child build a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime:

  • Start them on regular dental visits when they’re young
  • Most dental problems are preventative, and when they do develop, they are usually much easier to treat when caught early. Bringing your children to see your family dentist when they’re young not only gives the dentist the opportunity to make sure things are developing properly, but it also teaches your child that regular dental visits are just another element of their overall health and wellness routine, and are nothing to be nervous about.
  • Avoid sugary snacks and drinks whenever possible
  • When sugar sits on the surface on the teeth it erodes the enamel, making your child more susceptible to cavities. By avoiding foods and drinks that are high in sugar, you can help keep that enamel intact and the teeth strong. 
  • Lead by example
  • Don’t just tell your children to brush and floss, SHOW them how to do it, and do it right alongside them. By showing your children that brushing and flossing is part of your routine too, they’re more likely to jump on board without complaint.
  • Make consistent brushing and flossing fun
  • Make brushing fun for your children by singing a song as they brush or even doing a little dance – make sure they see brushing and flossing as a fun, ‘big-kid’ activity so there’s never an argument when it’s time to start brushing. 
  • Consider letting them choose their own toothbrush – there are cute and fun options at the pharmacy that may even have their favourite character on the handle!
  • Starting your children out with a thorough, consistent home-based oral hygiene routine that includes flossing daily and brushing every morning and night will teach them that taking care of their teeth isn’t an option – it’s just part of what people do as they move through the day.
  • Keep them well hydrated
  • Making sure your children always have water with them and choose water as their go-to drink does a lot to keep them healthy overall, but it also helps rinse food, bacteria and debris away from their teeth.

If you’re looking for oral hygiene advice for yourself or your family, or you’re ready to bring in your kids for a checkup or cleaning, call our team to set up an appointment today. We love working with kids and look forward to welcoming you to Trafalgar Village Dental in Oakville.