Wisdom Teeth - What You Need To Know

As we age, our teeth go through several changes. We start when we are very young with baby teeth. Once we reach the age of 17-21 we start to get what we call third molars. These are often referred to as wisdom teeth because we get them when we are beginning to mature.

About Wisdom Teeth

When wisdom teeth come in properly they can be very beneficial because they give you more chewing power. The main problem we face is that there are often problems with wisdom teeth as they come into the mouth. They may crowd other teeth, be painful, or generally not grow in the proper manner. Many individuals end up having to have their wisdom teeth taken out for a wide number of issues. If you have any problems with your wisdom teeth you should speak to your dentist at Trafalgar Village Dental in Oakville immediately to address the problem before things start to get worse.


Wisdom Teeth Need Room

Wisdom teeth need room to grow into the mouth. If they don't have enough room they may not surface properly or they could come in at a wrong position. Your wisdom teeth may become impacted which indicates they are trapped under the gums or in the jaw. This is a common problem with wisdom teeth.